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No good

Deceiving. Save your money

Rip off

$2 to buy the app. Another $2 to buy a single wallpaper. Lame. I should get at least one wallpaper for my $2 to download the app. I will be asking for a refund.

Rip off!!!!

You don’t get anything when you buy this app other than to open it. Then you have to pay more for the wallpapers!!! Unable to contact app creator for refund ! Says nothing in description to let u know that it works that way! Should be taken off App Store!!!!!!


How do you get these pictures to move on they just save as a picture

Do not buy!

$2 for the app and then $5 for the wallpapers. What a joke. They don’t even work either. You need to hold your finger down on the home screen for it to do anything and it’s only for a split second.


Break up the everyday wallpaper and enjoy this app

Do not download/ SCAM

I downloaded this app working on iPhone X. You have to pay for the app then each wallpaper and after all that and paying for a wallpaper it would not download to my phone. They do not have a search option either and the developer you can’t reach. iTunes refunded me the money.

Don’t get scammed

They charge you $2 for the app.... I expect full access.... but NO THEY CHARGE YOU FOR EACH WALLPAPER ALSO.... I will be getting my money back pronto!!!!!

I want a refund

1.99 and then still .99 per download! That's some BS

Waste of money

The ads and videos promoting this app are misleading. Money to download app, money for each wallpaper, it's not "live" if you have to hold your finger on lock screen for it to activate. GARBAGE

This app is dumb

You have to pay an additional $2 per wallpaper plus the extra $2 for the app its self before you find out that you have to pay the $2 for the wallpaper


Bought the app. When I downloaded theme, had to pay additional money. Once downloaded I can’t find theme. Ripoff!


Man these people know how to make money share some please! Lol

Still not live

So we paid $2 to download and learned you actually have to pay more for the wallpapers... so we did and the wallpapers ARE NOT live but still!!!!!! iPhone 8


I really thought this was real live wallpapers. It’s not. You have to hold your finger on your lock screen to make them move and the home screen doesn’t even work. It’s also really dumb that you have to pay for the app then for the pictures. I would really like my money back. I would tell anybody thinking of purchasing this not to.




THIS APP DOES NOT WORK! I Have an I phone 7! I paid for the app then they charge for each individual background screen! Please issue me a full refund!


DO NOT BUY! $1.99 is to download the app ONLY. If you pay the $1.99 you will NOT be able to download any. You have to pay MORE MONEY for each theme. The $1.99 is just to download this worthless app. Not only that but I only have 6 themes showing up. It's just about $10 to unlock all the themes and that's if they open up. I'm on the phone with Apple right now to get my money back.

Live Photo’s won’t animate

I have an iPhone 7+ and when I set the Live Photo I bought as my lock screen, it’s just a picture. Spent 2 bucks for the app and another 2 bucks for a picture.



Sux’s don’t waste your money.

Not even 1 star worthy.

Total scam

1.99 to buy app. It included ZERO wallpapers. You have to buy them for .99 each after you pay the 1.99. Totally misleading. I am reporting this app.

Know this before buying.

The description does say this but This app is only good - only works - if you also pay $3.99 after your $1.99 purchase of the app. This app does not work on its own and should be removed from the App Store for fraudulent and manipulative sales. I found out the hard way. I do not recommend it. I want my money back.

Not $2 it’s $6+

$2 for a consolidated library of cool wallpapers ok... trying to save one only to be hit with another .99 pay wall for EACH screen or $4.99 to unlock all NOT OK.

Rip off

First you have to purchase the app then you have to purchase the wallpapers separately, once you purchased all wallpapers and download one all the others disappear. There is no support, you get a page can not be displayed


Wow this app is amazing! I have had this app for a day now and it has really good quality wallpapers. The different wallpapers seem really cool! Great job creator! I give this app 5/5 stars, and I would give it more if I could because this app is exactly what it says it is and has quality wallpapers, great techniques for saving, and so on. I hope that the people that give this app a try will be as amazed as I am. It works really great! I like the different live wallpapers! Keep up the good work!


Awesome simply awesome! Really cool and unique app! I Love live pictures and lock screens and the iOS update enabled Live Photos so I was quite happy. Love this app. It makes my lock screen cool! You did a good job!


I agree with the last person, you pay $2 for the app and no free wallpapers, you have to spend more money, if I would of known this I wouldn’t of bought the app... already deleted!!! Guess I have to eat $2 for false advertising l!!!

To hell with this app

I wan my money back

How do I get my money back?

How do I get my money back? Horrible app.

Rip off

2 bucks for the app... no biggie. Buuuuut that only gives to the privilege to pay for the wallpaper. Makes nine sense to me. No thanks.


Are you ****ing me !? 1.99 for the app and a an additional .99 cents for every wallpaper ! Or 4.99 to unlock all !? How bout putting that in the description. Worst app in the history of apps do not buy this ****

It’s a trick app

I gonna report these app. I paid $1.99 and gave only options to download 2 wallpaper I need Pay again for every wallpaper


The wallpapers ONLY work if you have an iPhone 6s/6sPlus or newer that have the “Live Photo/3D Touch” option. It says $1.99 for the app. That’s cool I’ll pay $2 for an app, BUT... that’s is JUST to purchase the app 🙄. You have to pay an additional $.99 for each single background you want or you can purchase all 93 for an extra $6 after you’ve purchased the app for the original $2 😒. They only save to your camera roll (as “live” photos), not your “wallpaper” in “Settings”. All of that is kinda dumb in my opinion, but I’ll hang. It’s right there under $10 for the full app, honestly. So, if you don’t care spending $10 little dollars for some “ok” 3D wallpapers like myself then go ahead.


For $2 you get nothing and then every theme is click-bait to spend $5 more. This app should be free and then let the user decide if the other themes are worth the money. Thi is also a example of what Apple should be protecting its users from. Poor checks & balance.


It’s 1.99$ just to download the app AND THAN its 1.99$ FOR EACH live wallpaper u want to use. What a rip off!!!!!

Where do they go?!

I downloaded the app and purchased 3 wallpapers but they’re not in my photos app. Where are they?!


So they don’t tell you this but you pay the $2 just to get the stupid app BUT THEN you also have to pay $.99 for every wallpaper that you actually want. You can’t actually get any of them without paying more and more. You pay $2 just to be able to look at them. 😑


I saw the app on an ad and thought it was a cool idea but it didn’t show a price and I looked it up on the App Store and it didn’t show a price till after I used my fingerprint to download the app.


You pay 1.99 just to be able to look at what you can purchase through the app. You don’t really get anything for your initial purchase. If you want to spend 4.99 you can get 100 of the live themes through the app.

Don’t get this app

You have to pay for the app and pay for every wallpaper you want or buy them all at once for a discount rate I WANT A REFUND! I feel this app was misleading it does say in app purchases I didn’t think it would be every wallpaper

Give me my money back

Got this app paying 1.99. Download and install the screens cost an additional .99 or I can unlock all them for 5 bucks what the heck. Give me my money back for you scam product

Do not buy

You need to oay for more wallpapoers after you buy it and the wall papers arent even that good. Plus the app doesnt even add the walpaper for you. It just saves it to you camera roll

Horrible I want my money back!!

This is a BS app, you pay so you can see what you can get for .99 (each for all the good photos), sure they give you a couple of photos that you can use, but the cheese ones, is like paying to go see the previews of a movie! What a rip off, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!! Im only giving it 1 star because otherwise I couldn’t post a review!!! It deserves less then zero!!!!


Please issue me a refund I paid for the app it was $1.99 charge my account $8.98 open the app every wallpaper you have to pay extra for I don’t understand why you would sell an app for $1.99 and the charge for every wallpaper that the app is supposed to have please issue me a refund


Please do not download this app. Once you get the app you then have to pay for all the wallpapers in the app! That’s right. I can’t download any of them because it says I have to unlock it for either 99 cents or a package deal. Apple needs to take this app off the App Store....

Rip-off!! Do not buy!

Don’t by this app! False advertising! You pay for it and only get 3 themes. Not worth it! Much better and cheaper apps out there.

Not worth it

You only get two lame live wallpapers for the $1.99 price. You have to either pay $4.99 to unlock all the styles or $.99 for each wallpaper. Don’t waste your money.

Refund please!

It doesn’t tell you you have to pay for the wallpaper you choose after you buy the app. Waste of money. Refund the 1.99 please.

Do not buy -SCAM

SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM Don’t buy. You pay $1.99 just to get it. THATS IT! Then you have to pay like $.99 for each one you download and $4.99 for a few.

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