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You have to buy the app first then when you get it they charge you more for the 5 different screens that they have. Terrible decision, do not buy it.

Not for me

More geared towards men.


they are thieves buying the app for 2$ and then you will have to pay for each wallpaper


I paid twice. Only allows me 4 screens and all are lame not the exotic ones they advertise


I want my money back!! Terrible photos and I buy the app just to realize I need to pay more for the actual photos!! Terrible, do not support this developer. You get two or three photos to begin with and they only have to do with Christmas. I rated one star because I can’t rate lower than that.

Ripoff. No animation just stills


Don’t buy it

Very displeased with this. The live don’t even work on my phone. Waste of money. Don’t buy it.

Don’t do it

$1.99 gets 5 live themes each one after is $1.99 or pay $4.99 to unlock the rest of the themes

Crappy app

This app is crap. Don’t do it

Pure waste of money

U have to hold screen to look at a Live Photo. Back in the days it naturally did it and this pose to be a upgrade? Waste of money . I wish I could get a refund . I wouldnt recommend this to anybody



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This is awful - buyer beware!!! $7.00

As other reviewers stated, u have to spend 1.99 to get app and then 4.99 to get the rest of the pictures. It was a push by Apple and so I thought would be worth it. It is a major disappointment- also I feel like a con. It doesn’t even work. I want my 7 bucks back!!!


Es una estafa no vale nada esa guevada de aplicación

I knew what I was getting into, sort of.

Cool videos. Does work on iPhone 7 Plus. Only a couple things NOT mentioned with this app. 1. It only works as a “Lock Screen” 2. Only works with 3D Touch 3. Only works if you hold the screen I did notice in photos that a Live Photo can be looped. This should’ve added as an option. I also think the “Live” effect should be applied to the photo if used as a “Home” screen. Perhaps with these options and saying up front that the photos are sold separately or selling it as a bundle, or a whole to begin with, at the $7.00 price, the developer would probably have better ratings AND more customers. Just a suggestion.

Not working Help

I downloaded the app, it’s telling me to save. I save which want I want, I go to settings, no new live wall paper. It’s only displays the saved wallpaper with no live movement. I own a 8+ phone.

Doesn’t work

Don’t waste your money the live movements did not work on my iPhone xs


This app is BS don’t use it!!! You don’t even get to use the wallpapers. You buy them and there is no way to get them on your lock screen or home screen waste of money to find out I couldn’t even use it. I want my money back!

Don’t do it

So dumb, you have to buy the app then buy each wallpaper or you can get them all for 5$ the wallpapers are cool but not that cool I can’t believe I paid for this app to pay for these pictures

Don’t get

Horrible app


As one of the other reviews mentioned, I too thought ok I will pay the 4.99 to get the 100 photos but then to my surprise the photos don’t move on my phone as the app promised . I also don’t like thst the app has no category button you just have to keep scrolling to find a photo you really like . Very disappointing and am going to demand a refund.

Not “sold” on it yet

It is kind of misleading to charge just to download the app, then charge even more for each background or even more for all of them. That is bad business. You should always be upfront with your customers, especially if you are charging for something.


You can buy the app and only the app for $1.99. If you want a wallpaper you have to pay for them individually at an additional $1.99 or $4.99 for all 106 of them. I paid, set my lock screen and it’s there but doesn’t move. You have to put your finger on the screen to get it to animate. Totally useless

Do not buy

I don’t think I’ve ever wasted 1.99 on anything more stupid this is a scam worst app ever I should’ve read the reviews before buying I’m not even going to purchase further into this rip off I want my money back


I don’t usually write a lot of reviews either; however, this one definitely warrants a caution. I have an iPhone 8+. First off you have to buy the app then pay an addition $1.99. You don’t have a menu to select different themes to look at - you have to scroll thru them to see them. As you scroll thru them they freeze and you have to wait for the one showing to start the live animation to scroll to the next one - and sometimes you still have to wait to scroll to the next one. When you save any you like, they do save as “live” but will only apply as a fixed wallpaper - not bad if there is a particular image in the live stream you want but you will have to go to photos/edit to select that one frame you want. Some of the themes are good and others a cheap overlay. However unless you have another app to make the “live” theme work, this will not give you “live” wallpapers.


What a waste of money the app does not work on my iPhone 7 which it says that it Does

Rip off

Don’t purchase this app! You pay for an app to then pay again for the wallpapers. This is a complete scam and Apple should be ashamed to allow this app in their App Store!

This isn't live

This is totally deceptive. It's not live when you try to actually use these. I bought it for 1.99 then to access them all you have to pay an additional 4.99. They don't work. Don't waste your money.


COMPLETE BS. You have to pay $1.99 to download the app and then the developer wants an additional $4.99 to save any of the wallpapers. Refund my money and stop scamming people!!!!

Doesn’t work as shown

If you use as wallpaper then the pictures are not live. For your lock screen you must hold your finger on screen to make it live. Kind of a waste of money

Deceiving price!

Bought the app, then in order to use a live wallpaper you have to spend more money! Ridiculous folks!

Don’t buy

They want you to buy each background and as soon as you save any of them they are not live for the background waste of money

Garbage. Lies.

The wallpaper is not live it is a still image which you can get from any Internet search it does not move like it does as advertised this is not a live wallpaper. Waste of about 6$

Please read before you buy!

I too do not usually write reviews. However this app is garbage. I was under the impression that you pay for the app and get a few live wallpapers. Wrong! You have to pay an additional fee for every wallpaper you want to use. On top of that there were. Buncha broads dancing around (terribly) and my kids were next to me. Don’t waste your money on this app

not worth a penny

Not worth a penny!!


App only comes with three live wallpaper apps

Get if you want to pay

Pay for the app then pay again for the wallpaper. Some look nice, but the one I chose (and paid again for) doesn't work. It simply won't become wallpaper. I'm not going to keep trying.

Good work

I like the app..a little expensive, but I do like would be great to see more ocean views with waves or can lose the dancing ladies..

Something wrong?

I tried to find a way to contact you privately but cant. I purchased the app for $1.99 and paid the $4.99 to unlock all the live images you have. I saved them and set several of them as my live wallpaper. I set it as a live photo and not still. They are all just a still shot. I have Iphone 7s with IOS 12 so I have all required for it to work. Is it a glitch? Help.

Did not get what I paid for

I paid for the app and then paid for access to all live background. I still only have the first few that came with the app at download. I did not get access to all. I paid $1.99 + $4.99 USD so far for nothing. Refund or fix it. I’ll will talk to Apple next.

Wish it worked on my 7plus

Long story short, bought the app and followed the developers instructions... doesn’t work. Don’t waste your money.

Feels like a scam

I have an iPhone 7plus. Downloaded the app. Saved 2 items. Items never showed up in my camera roll. Followed the above directions from the developer. Still nothing. I wabt a refund but highly unlikely I'll get one.

Live wallpapers will not work

I spent seven dollars to download this app wants the pictures were downloaded they went to my photo album there you can click on them they will move but once you set them as a wallpaper or lock screen or anything else they will not move I have tried more than one of the pictures they will not move once they are set on my phone. It will not save to a live wallpaper. I followed your instructions on how to download the picture and it will not work this needs to be fixed without a cut and paste reply I would like my $4.99 + my $1.99 refunded to me ASAP

Crap, crap, crap

You are buying an app that lets you buy themes. No themes included.

What a joke!

I think it’s a joke that after you buy the app for 1.99 unless you want the crap cartoon wallpapers that isn’t what I bought it for, I have to buy the wallpapers. It’s very deceptive, had I known that it was going to cost me $7 just to use the wallpapers shown I would never have purchased it.


Am so disappointed in this application i just bought.. because it seems that they sell u this app just so that u can look at a moving wallpaper. This is the biggest rip off of my life 1.99 for nothing and get this as soon as u check ur app it ask you if you would like to unlock all the moving wallpaper for 5 dollars more????? Seriously?? Who ever the creator of this app is.. if ur seeing this... plz don't make any more apps. Plz and tank you

Me B

Waste of money. These guys are co artists


You pay $1.99 for the app only. To get any live wallpaper you have to make additional purchases. Buyer beware.

Not working

I purchased three live wallpapers but can’t find them in live wallpaper(settings)!

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