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This app is a total ripoff do not waist your money. You have to keep paying as you go further into the app. RIPOFF ALERT. Total rubbish.

Need a touch up

If possible on the next upgrade can you make it a bit easier to go through the themes. Other than that it’s awsome

Over priced and not worth it

Just so you are aware $1.99 app purchase gives you one really bad live wall paper. You the. Need to purchase them individually or packs for additional cost. Not even close to worth the money.

Not worth it read the reviews before purchasing

I would like my money back!!!! What a scam!!!! Will not buy any apps from this developer in the future!! Beware buyer!!!

I got Swindled in an impulse buy!

I should’ve read the reviews. 1.99 buys the app. Then it’s 5 bucks for the actual wallpapers. It won’t happen to me again!


Purchasing the app gets you nothing. You still have to buy the wallpapers. Very disappointed. Waste of $2.


Misleading in cost. I smell a Law suit


Doesn’t work at all. It says live but isn’t live at all. Super disappointed and want my money back!


I pay $2 just to pay another $5 for most of the content. Pretty dang shady.

Didn’t work

I have a iPhone 8.. didn’t work wasted 4 bucks


This is a piece of crap and waste of money. It doesn’t load a live wallpaper.


I even paid the extra $4.99. But they don’t just play like all the other live wallpapers. You have to hold finger on screen. ☹️

Worthless app.

Thought I would give it a try since the preview showed some good wallpapers. Figured it was worth a try for 2 bucks. Oh that was just to look at the wallpapers on the app if you want the wallpapers you have to pay additional for each one or unlock all for 5 bucks and then there is only like 30 or so wallpapers to choose from not worth it at all wish I could get my money back.


This app is not what I thought it would be! I have a IPhone 8 and in the description it says works for IPhone 6 and up. This statement is true except for when you download and use the app you can only use one live wallpaper the rest of the wallpapers you have to buy for either .99 or buy all of them for 4.99! Do not buy this app this app is not worth your money! Unless you want to spend 5.00 on lousy live wallpapers this app is not for you! To add on to this problem you can’t get your money back! I do not recommend this app! I WANT A REFUND! And you will to if you download! Wish I could do zero stars!!!! 😖😤😡🙄


I have an iPhone X you pay 1.99 for the app download. You’d think that gives you access to the wallpapers or at least a few but nope it’s .99 per wallpaper your you can buy them all for “a discounted” price of 4.99ie

Mr. D

$1.99 just to purchase app. NO WALLPAPERS INCLUDED!!!! This in my opinion is a rip off you get nothing for $1.99.

Do not buy!!!!

These are not live wallpapers they are Live Photo’s!!!!! Garbage app!!!


It does not work. I have an iPhone 8 Plus and it only works as a wallpaper in still frame. Does NOT use the animation. Waste of money


This app is very misleading. You buy the app but then you have to buy the live stream that you want.


The fact you have to pay for these horrible wallpapers after you pay for the app my god what cooks.


I have a iPhone 5s and it won't work so I want a refund now!!!!!!!!!! If I don't get a refund I will sue the company!!!!!!!!! P.S I WILL GIVE THIS APP 1 STARS ITS SO BAD. I want to kill my self it's so bad.🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

I demand a refund.

Seriously, I couldn’t be more bugged right now. I demand my money back, I bought this in expectations that it would be a Live Photo that would instantly play whenever you turned the phone on. But like everything else, you have to touch it to play the animation. I paid $2 dollars already on the app, and you ask for more money when buying more wallpapers? I thought these were “cool wallpapers”, they’re more of a waste of your time and money, do not buy this app. Also, please refund my purchases. This is a waste of my money and your cheap bargaining scam.

Don't waste your money..

This is crazy, you pay $2 for the app that only comes with one love backround which is plain and you have to pay for all the others.. I'm not a satisfied customer at all. Your just taking folks money.


You pay for the app, but you still have to pay for the wallpapers! Absolutely ridiculous

Not good

Bought the app and all wallpaper, but the wallpaper only moves when trying to view choices.

Does not work

Does not actually move ( I have an iPhone 7plus) just a bunch of still photos when installed

Nit as advertised

Well, first of all, you pay twice, once for the app and than 4.99 for wallpapers!!! What a ripoff... Second, app doesn’t work as advertised !!! Its just stupid live picture, so see motion, you mast press and hold on your screen !!! I will ask for refund and if they wont, ill report them to app store... Im very disappointed ! I dont see contact info !!! Wt...


After paying for the live wallpaper that I wanted, I wasn’t even able to use it. Total disappointment and not worth the money.


I only have access to 12 photos... that’s not what I agreed to. I want my money back. I have reinstalled app many time.


Bought the app for 1.99 and then an additional .99 for other images. Could not get any motion or live graphics, just the still pic. I have an IPhone 6plus but no motion. I would like to get my money back if anybody can tell me how..! If not I will report the app..


I love it! Enough said

Pretty sweet

Awesome and unique....worth the price

It’s a trap

You paying for app $1.99 and than you have to buy each for $0.99 or all for $4.99?!?! What’s going on?!?!


Does not move on iPhone 7 on phone at all only on open app can not report problems page has been removed I have been ripped off 10.00 dollars down the drain

I want my money back

Give me money back. This is a big scam. Your pay $2 then you need to pay for the other background? No thanks.

I want my money back your liars and Thieves

your liars and Thieves

This is a bait and switch scam

The app is $1.99 but then it’s $.99 to $4.99 to get the wallpapers. I want my $1.99 back!


I just spent $1.99 and it’s only showing me 10 wallpapers. I have the iPhone 6s. I want to refund, I’m disgusted with this

Appsolute disgrace

Not only do you have to pay for the app you need to pay for each screen you download (or pay in bulk for 96) no where did I find a notification saying in app purchases. I did download one but I am still waiting for it to animate as a lock screen.


Supposed to work with my 7 plus but it’s only a Live Photo so it’s really just a photo. You can take a screen shot and edit with out buying the wall paper. Don’t waste the money unless you have the new X

Waste of money do not download

You have to pay $1.99 to download app and than you have to either spent another $4.99 to unlock all live wallpapers or buy them individually some are .99 and than some are $1.99 so it’s a waste the app should be free and than pay to download the wallpapers waste of money getting a refund this should be advertised before you spend the $1.99 so you don’t have to deal with getting refunded.

Rip off !

You pay $1.99 for the app then have to pay for each screen picked. I wish I could have given no stars. Then I can’t get it to work on my phone. An iPhone 8. 👎🏽👎🏽 I do not recommend this at all.

Don’t waste your time

That’s stupid... but the app the. Buy all the backgrounds really???? Should’ve read the reviews before waisting my 2 bucks?

No good

Deceiving. Save your money

Rip off

$2 to buy the app. Another $2 to buy a single wallpaper. Lame. I should get at least one wallpaper for my $2 to download the app. I will be asking for a refund.

Rip off!!!!

You don’t get anything when you buy this app other than to open it. Then you have to pay more for the wallpapers!!! Unable to contact app creator for refund ! Says nothing in description to let u know that it works that way! Should be taken off App Store!!!!!!


How do you get these pictures to move on they just save as a picture

Do not buy!

$2 for the app and then $5 for the wallpapers. What a joke. They don’t even work either. You need to hold your finger down on the home screen for it to do anything and it’s only for a split second.


Break up the everyday wallpaper and enjoy this app

Do not download/ SCAM

I downloaded this app working on iPhone X. You have to pay for the app then each wallpaper and after all that and paying for a wallpaper it would not download to my phone. They do not have a search option either and the developer you can’t reach. iTunes refunded me the money.

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