iLive Themes - Optimized Photos For You App Reviews

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Pretty cool

Love this app. Wallpapers are beautiful and cool. I also recommended it to my friends and they love it, too


This is a great app. It has tons of beautiful live wallpapers. Get this app now!!


The app works great. I have saved many animated wallpapers and they are awesome! Thank you, guys.


It’s working perfectly on my iphone X. Live wallpapers are awesome.

Love it

Love the wallpapers and they work well. I highly recommend it.

It didn't work

I tried 3 different wallpapers and none of them actually moved. I have the iPhone 6. So it should work but it didn't.

Great 🤘🏼

It's definitely worth 3 dollars. It's quick and easy and the wallpapers are funny & Beautiful.

It's Ok

Don't get me wrong the wallpapers are amazing, it's just they could've added more wallpapers and have you be able to choose which one you want. Not much variety either.

Super tastical amazeballs💘💘

I haven't had a problem with it and all the wallpapers are great

Want my money back

Placed one image (the Eiffel Tower) on iPhone 7plus and image is blurred----decided to change to a different image (wine pouring in glass) and the developer wants more money for additional live wallpaper---major crock!!! Contacting iTunes for a refund----this is ridiculous! Where does it say ONE IMAGE ONLY?????


Great app

Love it but...

So I got it saved the pics and put them as my wallpaper and they don't move idk what I did wrong help please!?

Refund Please

You should make it more CLEAR THAT IT ONLY WORKS FOR CERTAIN PHONES I got it thinking it work for my phone. Also I don't like how it starts with the FIRST ONE EVERY TIME. Before you buy this make sure you have the right phone.


I have an iPhone 6 and it will not work on anything below and iPhone 6s, I really think the owners need to tell us this before we bye it!

I love

I'm not a robot I swear this app is awesome tons of wallpapers just save it and go into settings and wallpaper then pick the picture. I have a 6s

Not good

The pictures are great but don't download well and they don't work Worse but I made in a long time

Ok but not as I thought

I bought the App and the pictures in the app. But there are not much wallpapers for the money you pay. And every time u open it you have to go to the starting image and over everyone to get to the last one. They need to update the app

Didn't work

I bought this app in my iPhone 6 Plus and it didn't even work when I downloaded the pictures

Good. But....

I like the wallpapers but when you tap it doesn't even work!!😡😡😡 PS I have a iPhone 6 it should work!!!


Pretty cool app. I just don't like how it doesn't automatically play on my lock screen, I have to hold it down.

The best wallpaper app

Who could have asked for a better wallpaper app I mean I have literally tried every wallpaper app and I have found none I like till today!!

I haven't had long enorm time yet

Good so far


I bought this and when I tried it, it didn't work it is complete garbage do not buy!!!!


I paid 1.99 for this app and only got a few wallpapers I found one I wanted tried to save it and it said I needed to pay more money ($2.00!) this is complete crap

It doesn't work

I got it on my iPod thinking it would work and I spent the rest of the money I had and it doesn't even work

Cool App (BUT)

So I also thought this was a scam when I came across it but the other review said otherwise. So I said what the heck and decided to download it. It turns out it actually works. But all the screens that you download come out blurry when you try to use them on your home screen. So it definitely works but it's blurry and it's kind of disappointing.


The wallpaper doesn't even move when you make it ur lock screen. DO NOT BUY!!!

Refund please(sellers read)

I got this app and thought it would work on my ipod(I was wrong). I didn't see the description until after I got the app so I wasted my last few dollars I had on here on an app I couldn't even use. This app probably works based on other people's reviews but I can't use this because I have an iPod.


Doesn't even move


I got this app and I spend 2$ on it and it did not work I have a iPhone 6s and it did not work don't buy it

It was pixely

It was super clear and looked hd on the app but once I saved it to my camera roll, it was blurry and pixelated. Also, you are limited to only 10 backgrounds to download. Definitely not worth 1.99


Just tried. So far so good.

Does work

Don't buy doesn't work

Don't buy *FAKE*

Doesn't work I've tried it so many times. It's a fake and thanks for taking my money. I could of used it on something that actually works and is way better than this! Wow we have to rate and give a star to actually send this review?



Don't buy this app

It's fake




It works for iPhone 6s and above but when I bought this app I didn't look to see if there were any free ones ..... worst decision !! Search Live Photos on the App Store and free ones pop up so get those instead trust me !!!

skeptical at first, but love it !!!

i was a little worried at first that this was a scam, but don't worry it totally works. i love it !! there's so many wallpapers to choose from, and the app is super easy to use. -elaina 💞


This app is amazing

Very cool!

Love this app!

It actually works!

When I first got this I thought it wouldn't work, but to my surprise it does! Just make sure you have an iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, or a iPhone 7 Plus.


Spending $2 for an app the then receiving a popup message saying this app is only work for some phones!!!! Now I'm left with $2 less in my acc and useless app foe my 6Plus,my mistake was not reading the whole thing!!! Don't do what i did.But good business is returning the money,I'm sure thats not going to happen!!!!


This app is an amazing app as long as you have a phone with 3D Touch!!! U can change your wallpaper with it easily.


It doesn't work on iPhone 6 and it will only let you take screen shots of the moving pictures. It's not worth the 2 dollars and I want my money back.

Great app

I love this app as long as you have live picture it works great.😁😃


This app is gey as fu


Just saves a screen shot. Very deceiving. I too would like my $2 back


It just saves a photo. I can't even get the video. I want my 2 bucks back!


i love this app so much! all you have to have is live photo, i have a 7 and it works perfectly! i'm so excited to brag to my friends and learn more about this amazing app!❤️

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