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I want my five dollars back don’t get this app it’s a scam it dose not work on any phone !!!

Not good.

Pay $1.99 for the app to get live wallpapers. Nope now you have to either pay 99 cents or a $1.99 for individual live wallpapers or unlock them all for $4.99 - Thats just ridiculous and greedy.

For stereotyped adolescent males

Most of these themes involve sports, flags, fantasy violence, or sexy (white) girls gyrating in lingerie of one kind or another. I had hoped for nature, animals or snowstorms. There are a couple of floral shots, but they are insipid and even the animals are baring their teeth or have red eyes. There are some clockwork shots that are attractive. The image quality is good throughout, but many of the images were jarring and unpleasant, and the selection was poor—it’s almost all pop culture: sex, sports and violence.

$2 only to have to pay more?

Zero value in the $2 spent. You have to pay for the wall papers. So the $2 is a scam. If the app was free I’d give it 3 stars because effort was clearly put in to make the visuals. Most animations don’t loop, looks choppy. Disappointing app even if it was free. Additionally the wall papers are not optimized for iPhone X AND you have to press the screen to play (which is iPhone default) so don’t expect animated wallpaper on your phone as it sits there on the table....


You think you’re getting a cool “animated wallpaper”app for $1.99. WRONG. That is the app price. Then you swipe through some neat animated photos. Want to save one? More $$.

Deceptive app pricing

So what’s the point of the app being free if the wallpapers cost 99 cents each? Just be honest up front. You won’t get a dime from me.

Money back please

Every wallpaper is 1.99. Downloads a still picture, no motion. Too buggy...

Don’t get robbed

You just going to buy the picture

Lol what a joke

I want to know what idiot pays for these wallpapers. Downloaded it today because they were offering it for free today (usually $1.99?) thought there’d be some cool wallpapers. Then I try to save one, just for a message to pop up saying you have to pay for individual wallpapers?!?! Lol I feel bad for anyone who wasted $1.99 just to be told you have to pay $0.99 each to use.


app was free but every screen saver is $0.99. Don’t waste your money.

Waste of $

They only give you like 3-4 Free wallpapers.. rest is additional 4.99$ and they arent even that good and few of them repeat themselves. Also there is not way of going to your pick you can only go left right with a single swipe. Waste of $ and time

Bad deal!!!

Totally worthless, money bad spent!!! Wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

Don’t waste your money

App cost $2 and doesn’t even include any wallpapers. Need to purchase each wallpaper individually or all together for another $5. And once you purchase a wallpaper, it doesn’t even work, even when you have a compatible phone. Don’t waste the money.

Huge rip off

This app is a huge disappointment. You pay 1.99 for the app ONLY!!! You pay additional for the wallpapers.

Not working.

I bought the app and payed the $5 for access to all wallpapers and they DO NOT WORK. I have an iphone 7 it should be working. If and when the problem is fixed I will give a proper review.

To be fair

I think that this app is deceptive. I paid $1.99 ... you would figure you would get at least 1 live wallpaper... but I did not , so I gave it a chance and paid for$1.99 for a “live” wallpaper but it is not live at all .... I paid for a picture that I could have just screenshot! To be fair I don’t believe in talking bad about someone’s product unless it can be defended... can’t contact the company so I guess I just gave away $4 for a picture.... so out of respect I can not bad mouth a product that can’t defend themselves, however this seems like a good way to hustle money out of people and my phone is compatible for this product according to developer.... hope no one falls for this , I know it’s only $4 , but if you get that from 1000 people...... just saying.... it’s borderline theft by deception, just my opinion and my experience, if there is a way to fix this I would certainly change my review and apologize for the poor review...

Doesn’t work...

Paid for this app that doesn’t work on my iPhone 7.. no animation at all.. could have downloaded a lot of the pics for free to use instead; waste of money..

Not $1.99

Sure you pay $1.99 for the app but that’s only to view the wallpaper. You must pay an additional $4.99 for all of them or you can pay for them individually. I was ok with $2 for all the wallpapers but i was misled as you will be too.


Dear as many time I bought it from apple store and I was enjoyment always with this app ! But with this one I have to Complain mate I hope the developer fix this issue first thing I bought it with 2$ and after installing the program ilive themes asking me to pay another 4 $ and I did it but it will not open all the themes mate open only a few of them ! And still pending with out themes So I’m surprised it’s not worth it to spend 6 $ for app not working !

Money back

Hi I purchased this app and in the same time I deleted it so I tried to get my money back please help me I need my money back. Thank you


I want to refund what a waste of money this was

No lo compren


My mind is exploded.

This application has totally blown my brain all my phone. This app is completely amazing, I’m drooling all over my phone. This message was approved by none other than myself. Have a great day, and I too will know that you will enjoy this app.


You for for app to download then you have to pay for each wallpaper. I want my money back. Scam!!!


You pay for the privilege of downloading the app then you have to pay up to $1.99 each additional wallpaper DONT DOWNLOAD

Not worth it!

1. Pay for the app itself, then have to pay for each wallpaper. 2. They are not “live”. 3. Do not buy this!


It works

Scam App

$2 for the app. Then everything costs more to use.

Don’t waste your money!

You have to paid for the app and then you have to pay for each one for pay even more to unlock all the themes. Don’t make the same mistake I did and get this app!

Do not buy this app

I wish I would’ve read the reviews on this before buying, total waste of $1.99 when you have to buy every wallpaper individually for another $1.99. Don’t get fooled like me.


Refund please You are such con

Don’t do it

You pay 2 dollars for the app then they want you to pay for the wAllpapers what a bunch of bs


Bought this because it was on sale for $0.99. But what i did not know is that there is only one free live theme. And the other themes, you should buy it individually or as a group for $4.99. I should have listened to the other reviewers here. Demn..

Needs rethought

Billed me twice for it and I don’t have a subscription or use it anymore. Why pay to get it, then pay more for each wallpaper?


Waisted I have an iPhone 8 paid .99 for the app only to realize you have to buy each wallpaper. Fell for that too only to find they don’t even work.


This app is a total ripoff do not waist your money. You have to keep paying as you go further into the app. RIPOFF ALERT. Total rubbish.

Need a touch up

If possible on the next upgrade can you make it a bit easier to go through the themes. Other than that it’s awsome

Over priced and not worth it

Just so you are aware $1.99 app purchase gives you one really bad live wall paper. You the. Need to purchase them individually or packs for additional cost. Not even close to worth the money.

Not worth it read the reviews before purchasing

I would like my money back!!!! What a scam!!!! Will not buy any apps from this developer in the future!! Beware buyer!!!

I got Swindled in an impulse buy!

I should’ve read the reviews. 1.99 buys the app. Then it’s 5 bucks for the actual wallpapers. It won’t happen to me again!


Purchasing the app gets you nothing. You still have to buy the wallpapers. Very disappointed. Waste of $2.


Misleading in cost. I smell a Law suit


Doesn’t work at all. It says live but isn’t live at all. Super disappointed and want my money back!


I pay $2 just to pay another $5 for most of the content. Pretty dang shady.

Didn’t work

I have a iPhone 8.. didn’t work wasted 4 bucks


This is a piece of crap and waste of money. It doesn’t load a live wallpaper.


I even paid the extra $4.99. But they don’t just play like all the other live wallpapers. You have to hold finger on screen. ☹️

Worthless app.

Thought I would give it a try since the preview showed some good wallpapers. Figured it was worth a try for 2 bucks. Oh that was just to look at the wallpapers on the app if you want the wallpapers you have to pay additional for each one or unlock all for 5 bucks and then there is only like 30 or so wallpapers to choose from not worth it at all wish I could get my money back.


This app is not what I thought it would be! I have a IPhone 8 and in the description it says works for IPhone 6 and up. This statement is true except for when you download and use the app you can only use one live wallpaper the rest of the wallpapers you have to buy for either .99 or buy all of them for 4.99! Do not buy this app this app is not worth your money! Unless you want to spend 5.00 on lousy live wallpapers this app is not for you! To add on to this problem you can’t get your money back! I do not recommend this app! I WANT A REFUND! And you will to if you download! Wish I could do zero stars!!!! 😖😤😡🙄


I have an iPhone X you pay 1.99 for the app download. You’d think that gives you access to the wallpapers or at least a few but nope it’s .99 per wallpaper your you can buy them all for “a discounted” price of 4.99ie

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