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Money hungry greedy people

They make you pay 2.00 dollars for a app that gives you four crappy live wallpapers. Then they want you to pay 2.00 dollars each for the good ones. They should put in the information before you pay you will have to pay for the good ones. Their trying to get a quick 2.00 dollars. I don’t feel sorry like the other guy writing a bad review. You guys are jerks for doing so.i wish I could get a refund to bad I can’t. Don’t buy this app people. They deserve to get off their butts and get a real job to put food on the table instead of scamming people.


So i was able to save maybe 5 photos and then it stopped letting me save any. What gives??

This app is BS

I can’t get the crap to work !! And to pay for it not only to have to pay for each live picture is just plain wrong..

I gave it a try and it’s horrible

Bad layout , no search ability and really crappy animations. Save your money and don’t buy.

Rip Off

The price is deceptive. Most apps like this are free but have ads to look at their stuff. This one seems to be ad-free but you can’t even look at all the wallpapers. To even see all of them you have to pay another $5. That’s right, it’s $7 for 107 mystery wallpapers that may or may not be what you’re looking for.


Usually I don’t write reviews, but this app is completely deceptive. I purchased this app under the impression that the wallpapers are live, that’s not the only disappointing part. Once you pay the developer wants you to pay another $1.99 to actually use the wallpaper. The wallpapers are glitchy. They don’t have any that’s worth saving. It’s not about the money here, it’s simply deceptive and glitchy. Save your bucks and find another app to use, especially if you’re going to have to pay your money for one. My phone is a IPhone X. So it can’t be that my phone is outdated. Trust me, just don’t do it.

New images

When will this app be updated? I haven’t received any new images for some time. My app still opens to Christmas images. It is August now

Not what you expect!!

My phone is an iPhone 7plus. Beware the picture is NOT live unless you hold your finger on the screen to make it live. Why would you want to?


I save the live wallpaper and it’s not even a live one it just sits in one spot, what a waste of money I need a refund Now!

Not good

I paid a fee of $1.99 for the app itself. When you download an app, and have to pay a fee. That should be the ONLY fee you have to pay. While the price is not steep, it is still my money that I spent for something that I’m not even getting the full benefits of. There is no reason your app should cost any money if you only have 2 “live” wallpapers that don’t even work, then have to pay more for an extension of the app. I will not spend another cent on this deceptive app.


On the very first button press to get a wallpaper they beg for more money to get the wallpapers on the app. This is a deceptive scam. Paid $1.99 and then they want $4.99 more. I want a refund.

Do not download this app unless u want to waste 2 or 4 dollars this picture are not live!!!!

Fair warning

Rip off

This is what I think bout this app My mistake on not reading reviews just gave away $6.


This is hardly what it says it is. When you buy this, you still have to buy other themes, but even when you buy them, they are not “live” as it says. This is false advertisement and I will be pursuing a refund, I spent about 6$ between the app, and unlocking other themes. This is not what you’re made to think it is.


They promote this as a live moving picture on your wallpaper or lockscreen...its not. It is just a picture. It does not move. I have an Iphone X, which it says it is compatible with. Also, when you pay .99 to get the app, you think you are actually downloading the pictures. You are are simply now able to look at them. Another wasted 5 bucks.


Product doesn't work after paying 3.99 for the app and wallpaper now I just wasted money on something I could of gotten for free don't waste your time #refundplease


You have to pay for each additional wallpaper u want to download. I think the developers should rethink this. I will be disputing the 1.99 I paid with Apple

Not live at all

Demo looks nice but doesn’t work after paid for

Of you want to waste Money

Complete disgrace. You pay for the app. The. You pay to get the wallpapers. Each costs. There is less then 150 wallpapers . The app is trash, lagging to much and it's not responsive most of the times. It way too simple for the price. Don't let them take your money for this trash.🚮😑

Not worth it

All you get is a few wallpapers. You have to pay more to unlock all of them.


Does my work don’t waste your money unless I’m doing something wrong this is a con don’t give em any money I giv it no stars and I want my money back


The reviews are true. This is a complete scam. You pay $1.99 for the app and then they want to charge you for any live wallpaper you chose ranging from .99-4.99. Don’t buy this app.

Rip off - don’t get this app

I bought this app for 1.99 thinking I would have access to live apps but they want me to pay even more to get the wallpaper. Don’t buy this app!!!


You buy the app so you can buy wallpapers 🖕🏻

Rip off

Pay $1.99 only to find out you have to pay for every single thing bait and switch rip off

I should of read the reviews SMH

Pretty sure I’m out 1.99 for this dumb app. They really get you with the marketing material. It all looks really cool until you get the app and realize you have to pay more money if you want to use any of the themes and then only about 8 of them will load. Hopefully I can get the money back and buy a lotto ticket always feel better about losing my money that way.


I have iPhone 7plus and paid $1.99 for app but still had to pay $4.99 to unlock all Wallpapers or pay $.99 for each one you want. A little deceiving to pay 1.99 and then have to pay again but that wasn’t the worst part....once I paid to unlock all wallpapers I went to choose the one I wanted, clicked save and it proclaimed it was saved to my phone...simple enough so I went to wallpapers and figured it would be in the live folder option but nope it was in my regular photo album as a screenshot so all I have is a still photo. Moral of this is if you wanna pay up to $7.00 for something don’t choose this. What a waste! Even clicking on app support takes you to a blank Instagram page!

What a rip off

So it’s $2 for an app that will sell you pictures for $2. Google your pics

Worst 1.99 ever

Only renders first three options, after that app closes in error!!!! Don’t buy this garbage!

Rip Off

As soon as I open the app and scroll through the pictures it closes out so I can’t even save a wallpaper. Waste of money!!!

Ripped me off

The upgrade didn’t work although I paid for it.

Paying for a list of themes only

If you want any of the cool ones in the previews you have to purchase for an additional charge. 1.99 for the app that lists the themes and 1.99 per theme


Horrible it was live alright Live Photo not a moving wallpaper I want a refund




You pay 1.99 for the app then you have to pay another 1.99 for any animated wallpaper or 4.99 for all of them. Feel stupid for purchasing without reading the other reviews. I want a refund.

Do not buy

Worst app ever paid to see the wallpapers all are low quality and dont look good at all


What a joke you pay 1.99 for the right to pay another 1.99 per picture or 4.99 for them all and them they are not even alive just a silly picture save your money this will just be wasting it


4 dollar scam. Photo us not live just screen shot


$1.99 to buy and $0.99 to use a wall paper. Enjoy my $2...

Horrible app

It’s garbage!! Pay 1.99 to get a gallery of wallpapers to buy. None included in the price! And some of the reviews say once you spend more on the wallpaper itself, it’s not even a live one absolute worst app, I’ve ever purchased

Doesn’t work. Don’t waste your money.

Waste of money. Don’t download.

No good & cost more than $1.99 it’s a trick to get extra $1.99

It looks cheap & picture was looped repeatedly

Don’t buy it

It’s basically a scam.

Rip off

The app costs $1.99 but you have to pay to get anything!!!!!

Con App Do NOT Buy!!!

Purchased this application for 1.99 and found out you have to shell out more money. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP.


Selling the the app to charge for the live wallpaper,Bad way of doing business.Thanks for teaching me a lesson though read before buying!!!!


What kind of app forces you to pay $1.99 for the app itself and all that money does is allow you to look at themes that are $1.99 each. What kind of crap is that? DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. Let these people go bankrupt


Waste of money, the screens do not play live on your screen unless you tap and hold the screen..


This is mostly just a scam. I paid $2 just to get the app and then I had to pay another $5 just to use the app. I did get a few cool live photos from it so that’s why I’m giving it at least 2 stars. All in all with how much the app freezes and it’s not so upfront cost, I say save your time and money.

Refund please

This is scam! Do not buy this app.

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